Vertical Test Stands

Multistation Valve Test Rigs


The machine structure consists of two screw rods with one end connected to fixed beam and the other end supported by a frame. The moving beam is driven by two nuts connected by a chain and driven by a hydraulic motor. This movement is used to adjust the distance between the columns according to the face to face distance of various sizes of valves. If hydraulic clamping is opted, the fixed beam houses a short stroke hydraulic cylinder capable of generating the rated clamping force. The bottom base is fixed and over this runs the moving beam. It also houses a carriage with a support cylinder which helps in aligning the valve while loading.

Structure type   : Horizontal two column.
Max reaction force          : 300 Tons.
Sealing                  : Face sealing & Bore sealing.
Max distance b/w faces    : 1300 mm.
Min distance b/w faces : 280 mm.
Distance b/w columns : 1000 mm.