Vertical Test Stands

Multistation Valve Test Rigs


The machine structure consists of a hydraulic cylinder with its end connected to the top sealing plate. The hydraulic cylinder is driven by a hydraulic power pack. This movement is used to adjust the distance between the sealing plates according to the face to face distance of various sizes of valves. The whole top assembly including the hydraulic cylinder is mounted in an arm that can swing open to allow the loading and unloading of valves from top using a crane. The bottom side is fixed and houses the bottom sealing plate.

This type of structure allows testing of flanged end valves providing easy access for loading and unloading.

Structure type   : Top Swing Arm.
Max reaction force          : 165 Tons.
Sealing                  : Face sealing.
Max distance b/w faces    : 1100 mm.
Min distance b/w faces : 150 mm.
Distance b/w columns   : 900 mm.