Vertical Test Stands

Multistation Valve Test Rigs


Our Horizontal Valve Test Benches are available up to 3000 Tons with the size ranging up to 60" valves. Our test machines are robust and come with a wide array of technologies that make pressure testing of your valves more easier with accurate results and reliable performance.

Testing is horizontal in the sense that test fluid flow direction is horizontal and valve stem direction is vertical.

  • Proportional Clamping
  • Laser based Bubble Counter
  • Safety Interlock to avoid de-clamping when valve is under pressure 
  • Hydraulic Actuator to aid in valve positioning 
  • Stainless steel water tank 
  • Modular assembly 
  • Simple and intuitive controls 

    Optional Features:
  • Safety doors with polycarbonate core laminated glass for complete protection 
  • Access Platform for actuating the test valves 
  • High pressure gas testing 
  • Flow meter to quantify seat leakage 
  • Data Acquisition and Retrieval using PC with Custom Test Certificate printing